Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Premise | Character Concepts

The two characters in the story I am telling are Orihime, a weaver, and Hikoboshi, a cow-herder.

Initial Look at Hairstyles
For the Hair I looked into the styles that were worn in Japan during and around the Edo Period. This allowed me to narrow the hair down to some idea's I felt fit well. I feel that F1 and M1 in the above image are the one's I will choose to further as they feel the most fitting.

First few Sketches
Orihime's face - Initial Ideas
Hikoboshi's Face - Initial Ideas
For Orihime and Hikoboshi's faces I wanted to get an idea of what  they would look like. On Orihime's sheet I like 1 and 8 the most. From Hikoboshi's sheet I like 5 and 7. I think I will further Orihime 8 and Hikoboshi 5.

Orihime's Outfit - Initial Idea's 
For Orihime's outfit it didn't need to be something that allowed as much movement and as such I wanted to create something that reflected more her weaving as well as leave traces of the stories origins - the constellations. For outfits I plan to have Hikoboshi's outfit to resemble something that could be worn while herding animals, allowing freedom of movement, while still fitting in the time the tale is set as well as matching with Orihime's outfit to some degree.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Personal Work | Gesture Drawings

2 minute gesture drawings from ballet references.

Toolkit 2 | Progress Report


Life Drawing:


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Character Design:

Production Bible


Fruits and Vegetables Part 1

Fruits and Vegetables Part 2 - Needs to be Posted


Final Image - I have to create the table for the objects to sit on and then place them in the same scene.


Weeks 1 and 2 - I have to add a more recent photo of the sculpture's progress as the last photo is not the most recent one.


Jetpack Jones:


Progress 1 - Part 1 through to Part 4

Progress 2 - Part 5 through to Part 8

Progress 3 - Part 9 through to Part 11 - Currently working through the end of Part 10.

I will be completing the head and working through the body over Easter.

Lighting and Rendering 2:

Ray Depth

Sampling and Noise Reduction

Maya Lights

Light Filters

Stylised Internal Lighting - In Progress

HDR Images - Need to be Posted


3D Body Animation:


Posing Moom

Acting Poses

Weight Lifting:

Weightlifting Poses | Extremes and Inbetweens

Weightlifting Animation


Title Sequence. - Complete. I will be taking another look at the pacing of the later half of the sequence as well as the font used. I will also be re-looking at the colours and refining some of the images used.


I have yet to write about acting, I have been present for all sessions.

3D Facial Animation:

Suprise Animation - I will be working on a version 2 as I forgot to animate the tongue in this version.

Phonemes - I need to catch up on this.

Mudbox | Fruits and Vegetables 1


Maya | Jetpack Jones Progress 2

Modelling the Eyelid 1

Modelling the Eyelid 2

Modelling the Eyelid 3

Modelling the Eyelid 4

Modelling the Eyelid - Final

Modelling the Nose 1

Modelling the Nose 2 
Modelling the Nose 3

Modelling the Nose - Final 
Modelling the Ear and Neck 1

Modelling the Ear and Neck 2 
Modelling the Ear and Neck 3

Add Modelling the Ear and Neck 4

Modelling the Ear and Neck 5

Modelling the Ear and Neck 6

Modelling the Ear and Neck - Final

Mudbox | Bowl

Sculpting | Weeks 1 and 2

For week One's sculpting class the goal was to create a solid base to sculpt the bust on. This was created using wire, tinfoil and milliput on a wooden board. The wire was twisted together and bent over itself to form the stand. It was then covered in tinfoil near the bottom so it would stay wedged into the metal tube holding it. The top was also covered in tinfoil to create a middle for the clay to then be wrapped around. This prevents the use of too much clay as well as creating something more solid to work onto. The milliput was used around the place the metal tubing met the wire as an added way of keeping the wire still. The characters eyes were also created using milliput.

The character I have chosen to model is Hanzo from Overwatch. I began to model him by creating a lump of clay that was about equal to the size his head needed to be. This allowed me to then place his features according to his head size.

I created the structure of his Jaw so that I could then have a point of reference for the rest of his features. The next addition was to bulk up his neck and have it so that the connection was behind the jaw and ear. The brow was the next thing I looked at, this was done by slowly adding small pieces of clay to the brow and smoothing them in until the brow protruded more to where it needed to be.