Tuesday, 29 November 2016

@Phil - What If? Metropolis - OGR 2


  1. OGR 30/11/2016

    Hi Alex - sorry I missed this - basically it's 'greenlight!' though I think you're missing opportunities to use the road more dynamically - think about the way that the road markings, kerb boundary etc can be used to further emulate the graphical quality of your artists. You could get some Russian 'stop' or 'give way' text on the tarmac for example. I also want you to pay a bit more attention to the detailing of your world - for example, the way the lamp posts meet the pavement, the texture of the pavement versus the texture of the road. I also want a better sense of what the coloured surfaces are like in terms of their materiality - rendered plaster? Metal panelling? While this is nicely in tune with your artists, I just want you think in some 'real word' terms too to ensure you're giving your models the level of observational detail that will give them credibility and 'there-ness'. Excited to see this pushed on into 3D :)

  2. Hi there :)

    Re. Rome - you need to take your passport to Campus Registry before the end of this week, as all passports need to be copied and sent off to the Travel agent, so they can book the plane. Any issues, please email Gayle Baldwin at gbaldwin2@ucreative.ac.uk

    1. I'll do that tomorrow, thanks for reminding me!