Friday, 30 September 2016

Toolkit: Animation and Character - Timing and Spacing

Coin Excercise
The first exercise was to create an image of a 'coin' that moved from the left of the screen to the right. The first on (the top) was created with evenly spaced circles making it so the circle moved at one speed across the screen. The second (lower circle) was created by bunching the circles up at the start and end of the line, this made it slow down at the beginning and end while still reaching it's destination at the same time as the first. This is because while the spacing had changed the timing had not.

Pendulum 1 - The wrong way to do it
Pendulum 2 - Even Spacing

Pendulum 3 - Slow Start and End
The next exercise was to create 3 pendulums. The first is an example of an incorrect pendulum. This was done to show the wrong way of doing it so that there was a better understanding of why it was wrong. The first pendulum is incorrect as it does not move the way a pendulum should, instead moving on a line from side to side without dipping in the middle. The second pendulum was to show the correct shape the pendulum should make. It is made with even spacing and so moves at an even speed across the page. The third is done while bunching the circles at the start and end to create a slower effect making it look more realistic.


  1. Hello, The 3rd pendulum still looks pretty evenly spaced so it needs the frames further apart in the middle and closer together at either end to create that ease-in and ease-out effect.

    1. Okay, I'll take a look at the third one and improve it, thanks for the feedback.