Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Photoshop Exercises - Thumbnails 1-12

During the first Photoshop tutorial I used different methods to create thumbnails. These included some methods I had not used before and they were very interesting to try out. The first thing was to sketch the thumbnails as just line-art. I found this the easiest as I have used a graphics tablet before however as this was the first time using Photoshop I found it tricky finding a brush I liked.

Line-Art Thumbnails.
The next exercise was to sketch the thumbnails using the lasso tool to section off area's before filling them to make the image I wanted. I liked the control this gave me over what I was doing.

Lasso tool Thumbnails.
The final exercise was to use a mixture of sectioning areas with the lasso tool and using a brush to blend the shades in them.

Blending Thumbnails.

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  1. Hi Alexis, good to see you getting to grips with Photoshop basics. Nice control on the still life studies. Would be good to see some more thumbnails that convey the same sense of control. Looking forward to seeing more.