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Film Review - Edward Scissorhands

Fig 1. Movie Poster

Tim Burton's 1990 film Edward Scissorhands is a story 'told gently, subtly and with infinite sympathy for an outsider who charms the locals but then inadvertently arouses their baser instincts.' (Lee, 2014). The story is that of the character Edward who is brought down from his castle to the quiet suburb by the Avon lady, Peggy.

Initially the suburbs community is welcoming and curious about Edward, seeing him as something new and exciting. Edward is revered to a celebrity status by the community until he is involved in a crime and their idolism turns sour causing the people to 'turn on him, eventually driving him out of the community. Meanwhile his wistful and impossible attraction to Kim (Winona Ryder), the Avon lady's teenage daughter, adds another layer of tension.' (Dawes, 1990).

Fig 2. The suburban town in contrast with the castle.

The idea of a community that wants to be different while ultimately all buying the same things is apparent in the film through the design of both the suburban environment and the costume designs of the community. The movie shows this through 'an entirely artificial world, where a haunting gothic castle crouches on a mountaintop high above a storybook suburb, a goofy sitcom neighbourhood where all of the houses are shades of pastels and all of the inhabitants seem to be emotional clones of the Jetsons.' (Ebert, 1990). Edward himself is completely different in all this, living in a greyscale almost Victorian castle on top of a hill and dressed all in black leather, leading him to be the character that's most individual to himself thus making him completely ostracised by everyone else.

Fig 3. Edward and Kim


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