Monday, 19 December 2016

What If? Metropolis - Reflective Statement

I found this project both difficult and rewarding. I first found it quite difficult to come up with an idea that I thought worked well, though after trying a few different methods it became much easier to visualise. I think I could have managed my time more efficiently as I found that since I took so long getting an idea in the first weeks it was difficult to get everything done later on. I think I will be trying different methods to sketch idea's faster in the first weeks and moving on if they don't work as it will help in enabling me to get to the rest of the work faster.

I liked the modelling in Maya that I did, though I feel I could have created more detailed models for the buildings closer to the camera. I liked the texturing I did as I feel it added a degree of realism to the materials while also keeping it looking like my concept art. I felt that I wanted to keep the buildings fairly flat as my collaborators work was very graphical and flat which is something I wanted to replicate in the final render. I think I achieved that goal to some degree though there were things I could have improved upon in my Maya work.

Overall I feel like this project went fairly well and I enjoyed the final piece I created. I will be using the feedback I received on crit day as well as what I will receive to improve my work for the next project.

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