Thursday, 2 February 2017

From Script To Screen - Story

America - 1920's ?

A farmer lives with his daughter on their farm, they are in debt and in danger of losing the farm. A businessman comes along to buy the farm from the farmer but the farmer doesn't want to sell because the farm is his only way of earning money to look after his daughter. The farmer wishes for a way to get rid of the business man to keep his farm safe.

Early the next day there's a knock at the door. When the farmer opens the door there's a mysterious man who hands the farmer a box before leaving. The farmer looks at the box and see's its a music box. He plays the music box and it gives him instructions on how to bring his scarecrow to life so it can get rid of the businessman. The farmer decides to follow the instructions.

He goes to the pet shop to get some small animals because the spell to raise the scarecrow requires blood. The farmer sets up the scarecrow in the barn and begins sacrificing the animals one by one to bring the scarecrow to life. The daughter peeks around the barn door, watching as her father sacrifices the animals. At the last animal the scarecrow begins to stir, raising its head and dropping from the pole to stand in front of the farmer. The farmer asks the scarecrow to get rid of the businessman but the scarecrow doesn't move. Then the scarecrow slowly raises an arm and points behind the farmer, who turns around to see the daughter.

He must kill the daughter for the scarecrow to kill the businessman.


  1. I've just had a horrible thought - what if the businessman *is* the mysterious man who gives the farmer the music-box in the first place, bringing about the very circumstances that will make the farmer sell his farm?

  2. Nice.
    What kind of style were you going to go on with this? It sounds like a creepypasta or an SCP kind of thing. What if it was presented as a file preserved by a supernatural department or government instead of a straight up film?
    Really cool story btw.