Thursday, 12 January 2017

From Script To Screen - Words

Character:   Scarecrow

Environment:   Pet Shop

Prop:   Music Box

Ideas I have include:
- A lonely scarecrow that wants a pet but can't enter the shop without scaring the animals
          - maybe needs to aquire the music box to calm them down
- Scarecrow has a music box that calms animals down, uses it to calm crows/birds
          - Takes them to a pet shop to keep them safe or stop them eating the crops


  1. Hi, Alexis!
    I really like the idea when the scarecrow wants a pet but can't have because he's scary.
    I have some ideas to share with you! There would be a side character in this story, for example: by who was scarecrow made? Maybe there was a lonely farmer which wanted to make a doll (scarecrow) and keep him in the fields. Also the farmer could use the music box to calm himself of cheer himself up when something happens, but because he was already old and died from age, the scarecrow was left alone with music box. There could be possible that scarecrow was using box to make him happy and he attracted many crows/birds to listen to his music box, ect.

    1. Thank you! I really like the idea of the farmer having the music box first and then the scarecrow getting it from the farmer, that's a really sweet idea!