Saturday, 21 January 2017

From Script to Screen - Current Ideas

Scarecrow, Music Box, Pet Shop - Ideas

1- Scarecrow that was created by a farmer, is bored standing in the field all day so the farmer gives him a music box, the scarecrow is still lonely so the farmer decides to get a pet for him? (Would follow the farmer as he notices the scarecrow be lonely and goes to the pet shop)

2- Scarecrow is an ornament/toy in the pet shop? Comes to life when the music box is played? Little child winds up music box which makes the scarecrow come to life? (Not sure what he's come to life to do?)

3- Scarecrow owns pet shop? Scarecrow owns pet shop, looks after the pets in the shop, Music box is left on his counter? Plays it and the music seems familiar but he cant tell why? Remembers the farmer that made him?

4- Music box calms animals? Calms the scarecrow? Brings scarecrow to life? (Not sure where the pet shop comes into things here)

5- Music box attracts crows/birds/mice? (Pet shop again)

6- Wants a pet but scares the animals? Needs music box to calm them down? scarecrow would want to get a pet shop pet but because they're scared of him he would need the music box (not sure how this would work, how he would get the music box?)

I'm still trying to figure out which is the most workable idea, I'm not sure at the minute.


  1. I like the first idea,perhaps the order could go pet then music box? As in, the farmer gets a dog, the dog runs about the fields and notices the scarecrow, takes a shining to it? Then the dog finds the music box in the farmer's house and brings it out to the scarecrow? Just throwing some things out there :)

  2. Hi, Alexis!
    I really like your first two ideas. Perhaps these two stories could become one? For example, scarecrow (toy) was gifted from a farmer to his child. Nevertheless, he had a magical music box to make toys come alive. So, as he noticed that his dad (farmer) always works alone in the field, so he made scarecrow come alive and help his father.
    Also, for the magic box. It can be gifted by his mother. Like birthday gifts. From father scarecrow toy and from mother music box. Possibly later on he found out that the music box is magical. :)

  3. I like number 5 most. Probably makes room for funny antics with the residents. It actually makes me think of that scene from Enchanted where that woman sings and summons cockroaches from the sewers, and pigeons start flying in through the windows.
    Maybe the scarecrow is such a pest that he attracts birds instead of scaring them away, and the music box is really good at scaring away animals. Sort of a trade off going on.

    1. I really like the idea of the scarecrow attracting the animals instead of scaring them off! Thanks!