Monday, 23 January 2017

From Script To Screen - OGR

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  1. OGR 23/01/17

    Hi Alex,

    Hmm - well, if I'm being 100% honest I'm not sold on this idea, as to me it just seems like a random collection of things. There doesn't seem to be any true connectivity between the elements here. Let me chuck a few ideas your way:

    1) Scarecrows are famously characterised by 'absence' or by longing or by loneliness - they're built to scare things away, not to enjoy company. Maybe your scarecrow is lonely?

    2) Scarecrows are also famously 'floppy' so in the same that Ratatouille is about a rat who wants to be a chef, why not a scarecrow who wants to be a ballerina - the sort of ballerina you might find in a music box, which is what might have inspired it/him/her in the first place.

    3) In a Pixar-style/Wreck-It Ralph-style, you might consider setting your story in 'Scarecrow land' - i.e. where everyone is a scarecrow doing scarecrow stuff - so there'd be scarecrow pet shops and scarecrow children etc. Maybe you've got a story about a scarecrow child who doesn't want to do 'scarecrow things' like scare crows, but dreams of doing something else. Maybe this scarecrow child has been hoarding things from 'human world' (like Ariel the mermaid hoards human stuff), like a music box, and dreams of one day dancing similarly.

    4) Maybe 'scarecrow' is the name given to scruffy kid, who is bullied by the others because he's poor and comes from a farming family. Maybe, he/she is bullied by a posh little princess girl who lives in a posh house with nice things - her prized possession a prissy, pink music box that is girly etc. Maybe scarecrow kid decides one day to have his revenge on the posh girl, and does something terrible by first buying something from the petshop, and then putting its dead body into the music box...

    Hmmm - maybe your scarecrow 'not' being an actual scarecrow makes this begin to shoot story-sparks; think about 11 in Stranger Things, for example - think about the horrors of being bullied in school, think about the awful things kids do to each other...