Friday, 10 March 2017

Fantastic Voyage - Initial Ideas

The Cell Cycle
- Using visual language of 16-bit pixel games
- Each stage of the cell cycle as different level?
      - New level design for each
              - G1 - Gentle, growth, pale blues and greens
              - S - More stressful, replication, reds and purples
              - G2 - Gentler, growth and protein development, darker blues and greens
              - M - Rough/Stressful, cell divides, reds, oranges, deep purples.
- side scrolling or top down
- Cell
    - Still looking like a cell
    - Moving through a slug-like squash and stretch
    - Able to see chromosomes
              - or number of chromosomes as a number on cell?
    - Colours to contrast the environment?
    - Emits a glow?

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