Saturday, 4 March 2017

From Script To Screen - Reflective Statement

When I first got the three words for this project I had no idea what to do with them. Scarecrow, Music Box and Petshop were three things I couldn't fit together at all. Then after a while of proposing ideas that didn't work very well I got to the one that did.

I found that because I took so long finding a story I liked I ended up feeling very rushed when it came to designing and writing for the story. I found it quite challenging to design the characters using a style that suited the story as the style was not something I had used before and as such I feel as though the characters I did end up with weren't as stylised as they could have been. I am however happy with the way the daughters design ended. I think writing the beginning and end of the script was a lot harder than the middle as it was tough to find a good place to begin it and a solid ending. I feel that if I were to go back I would alter the ending somewhat.

For the next project I aim to get more idea's out faster so that I can get stuck into the design faster as I think that would help my time management.

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